E.I.B.A. National Competition Honours

Many Durham bowlers have done welll over the years in the EIBA Nationals which involve a series of knockout matches starting in the bowlers own local EIBA Area. After several eliminating ties, for the successful there is a trip to the National Finals the venue for which changes each year.

E.I.B.A. National Competition Honours

M. Hughes HartlepoolSingles1975Winner
M. HughesHartlepoolSingles1976Runner Up
D BellHartlepoolSingles1980Winner
C Simpson HartlepoolSingles1983Winner
G Skipp HartlepoolSingles2008Runner Up
G R Smith SunderlandSingles2000Runner Up
G R Smith StanleySingles2008Winner
G R Smith StanleySingles2011Runner Up
K Illingworth & G Turley HartlepoolPairs1980Winners
J Barnes & E P Hanger SunderlandPairs1981Winners
T R Scott & D W Webb GatesheadPairs1990Winners
B Arkley & A Theobold StanleyPairs2003Runners Up
I Lambert, J Thurlbeck & J Lambert SunderlandTriples1983Runners Up
I Lambert, J Thurlbeck & J Lambert StanleyTriples1985Winners
K Illingworth, G Turley & M Hughes HartlepoolTriples1985Runners Up
R McKie, J Lambert & G R Smith SunderlandTriples1990Winners
C Palmer, J Thurlbeck & J Leeman StanleyTriples1992Runners Up
I Peacock, C Palmer & J Leeman StanleyTriples1995Runners Up
I Peacock, C Palmer & J Leeman StanleyTriples1996Winners
M O'Riordan, D Fenwick & G Skipp HartlepoolTriples2010Runners Up
J Gray, K Storey, D Dawson & T Buller GatesheadFours1976Winners
K Illiingworth, G W Newton, G Turley & M Hughes HartlepoolFours1980Winners
K Illiingworth, G W Newton, G Turley & M HughesHartlepoolFours1981Winners
T Bousefield, E Ramsdale, D Ramsdale & D Joyce DarlingtonFours1988Runners Up
B Harris, S Angus, D Bolt & GR Smith StanleyFours2013Winners
A Metcalfe, D Dowson, D Barron & J Potter Gt Aycliffe Fours1996Runners Up
I Peacock, E Henry, J Leeman & C Palmer StanleyFours1997Winners
I Peacock, E Henry, J Leeman & C Palmer StanleyFours1998Runners Up
D Sykes, P Smithson, S Jones & D Bolt SunderlandFours2005Runners Up
K Tinkler, M Jones, A Lacey, A KirtlandDarlingtonFours2010Winners
N Cummings DarlingtonU16 Singles 2014Winner
N Cummings DarlingtonU18 Singles 2015Winner
J Leeman StanleyU31 Singles 1985Winner
K Renwick SunderlandU31 Singles 1985Runner Up
D Ramsdale DarlingtonU25 Singles 1987Winner
R Chisholm StanleyU25 Singles 2009Runner Up
W Bell Stanley60+ Singles 2000Winner
W Bell Stanley60+ Singles 2001Winner
J Leeman StanleyC of Champs 1985Winner
I Peacock StanleyC of Champs 1991Runner Up
W Condron SpennymoorC of Champs 1995Runner Up
J Wells HartlepoolC of Champs 2004Winner
P HartleyHartlepoolC of Champs 2015Winner
K Peters, W Maddison & R Heath Ferryhill50+ Triples2005Winners
B Harris, E Henry and D Webb Stanley50+ Triples2008Runners Up
B Hutchinson, J Maddison, K Peters , W MaddisonShildon 60+ Fours 2010Winners

Denny Cup

Hartlepool1983Runners Up
Hartlepool1988Runners Up
Darlington1992Runners Up
Stanley1993Runners Up
Stanley1994Runners Up
Sunderland1996Runners Up
Stanley1997Runners Up
Hartlepool2013Runners Up
Stanley2014Runners Up

Denny Plate

Hartlepool 2002Winners
Darlington 2003Winners
Darlington 2009Winners
Darlington 2015Winners