Liberty Trophy

The Liberty Trophy has been in existence since 1975 and Durham have been finalists on 14 occasions the most recent being 2016 and hold the record with eleven wins.

This is a national championship competition open to all affiliated Indoor County Associations. Each County is represented by a single entry of six rinks of four players selected from playing members of affiliated clubs within the area of the County. If you wish to contact the team manager, Dave Kilner, please text

Liberty Trophy

1975SussexYorkshire & Durham
Liberty Trophy final appearances
Durham have a record 11 wins in the Liberty Trophy Final

Liberty Trophy appearances

Adams F5Arkley B55Ashcroft H14
Bainbridge K5Barnes J13Barron D5
Bell D15Bell DG6Bell W19
Bertram M7Bewick R51Birdsey S9
Bolt D48Boston C13Bousefield R7
Bousefield T41Bryden A9Buller T64
Cairns S35Carter D12Chisholm R11
Condron W50Crowe A21Cummings N11
Dawson D15Delaney W25Dixon P11
Dunlop M5Dykes RA45Farquhar G10
Fenwick D23Ferry WS54Fielding J12
Forcer J18Forster R 13Funnell W9
Glassey J12Gilroy J27Goldsmith M5
Hancock S 7Hanger E7Hanmer J16
Harris J7Hartley P34Harvey S5
Heath P7Henry E73Higgins C32
Hughes M21Humphrey J61Illingworth K33
Jackson I30Jefferson C15Jones M28
Jones S7Joyce D39Kerswell b38
Kilner D22Kirkpatrick M6Kirtland A69
Knott C15Knox J8Lambert I71
Lambert J79Lawton A11Leeman J59
Macey A9Mansfield j37McGreevy M17
McIntosh S16McKie RJ22Moir G8
Morgan D25Mosley P12Newton GW10
Noble D5O'Riordan M13O'Neill V12
Palmer C48Peach M22Peacock E18
Peacock I57Poulter B7Quickmire D21
Ramsdale D9Ramsdale E17Ray M15
Renwick K13Scott D6Scott TR34
Shepherd L27Simmonds J17Simpson C40
Simpson J17Skipp G31Smith GR86
Smithson P41Squirrel M43Theobold A55
Theobold A55Thomson PA7Thurlbeck J105
Tinkler K23Tompkins M10Train R7
Turley G33Wall K13Watson WC15
Webb DW77Wells J57Wilkinson T19
(minimum of 5)
John Thurlbeck has played a record 105 times in Liberty Trophy matches for Durham.



Liberty Trophy 2017 Durham v Cumbria, Sat 16th Dec 2017 at Durham IBC starting at 12.30pm

Durham 107 v 75 Cumbria
Contact Team Manager Dave Kilner, immmediately if unavailable. Tel: 07799137864,
Rink 4: 25 v 5 I GallagherRink 3: 18 v 11 M Nanson
LeadJ ForcerHartlepoolLeadM Barkess Durham
SecondC Higggins HartlepoolSecondK MinnisDurham
ThirdG FarquharS ShieldsThirdR BewickDurham
SkipP HartleyHartlepoolSkipG R SmithDurham
Rink 2: 11 v 12 G TaylorRink 6: 16 v 13 S Krwin
LeadJ Halcrow HartlepoolLeadB Arkley Stanley
SecondM HigginsDurhamSecondB HoughtonStanley
ThirdG SkippHartlepoolThirdM Jones Hartlepool
SkipV O'NeillHartlepoolSkipJ Thurlbeck Stanley
Rink 5: 15 v 18 D ForsterRink 7: 24 v 17
LeadM Ray HartlepoolLeadP DixonS Shields
SecondC Boston HartrlepoolSecondM PeachS Shields
ThirdP Smithson DurhamThirdI RichesS Shields
SkipP Mosley HartlepoolSkipD Bolt S Shields
Reserves to travel
B HendersonDurham
M LaydonDurhamP Sainthouse S Shields
J SnellerS ShieldsM WrightDurham

Liberty Trophy 2016 Durham v Cumbria, Sat 26th Nov 2016 at Cumbria IBC starting at 12.00pm

Durham 55 v 105 Cumbria
Contact Team Manager Dave Kilner, immmediately if unavailable. Tel: 07799137864,
Rink 5; 11 v 17 G TaylorRink 3: 8 v 26 S Airey
LeadJ ForcerGatesheadLeadM Peach S Shields
SecondM Barkess DurhamSecondW Ferry S Shields
ThirdI Jackson HartlepoolThirdG Farquhar S Shields
SkipGR Smith DurhamSkipP SmithsonDurham
Rink 6: 9 v 18 M RiceRink 4: 8 v 15 S farish
LeadP Dixon S Shields
LeadB Arkley Stanley
SecondJ Halcron HartlepoolSecondN RidleyS Shields
ThirdC Boston HartlepoolThirdI Peacock Stanley
SkipG SkippHartlepoolSkipJ Thurlbeck Stanley
Rink 2: 9 v 18 I GallagherRink 1: 10 v 11 S Irwin
LeadM Ray HartlepoolLeadJ Minto S Shields
SecondJ McKenna S ShieldsSecondJ Sneller S Shields
ThirdC Higgins HartlepoolThirdS McIntosh S Shields
SkipP Hartley HartlepoolSkipD Bolt S Shields
Reserves to travel
A Barkess Durham A Bryden Gateshead
J Halcrow HartlepolJ McKenna S Shields
N RidleyS ShieldsJ SnellerS Shields

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