County Inter-Club Division 1 Table 2017-18

Club P Shots Pts
Gateshead 1 42 10
Houghton Gilpin 2 -20 10
Durham 1 36.25 9
Hartlepool 1 13 8
Darlington 1 -13 2
The Parks 1 -36.25 1
Houghton Kepier 1 -22 0

County Inter-Club Division 2 Table 2017-18

Club P Shots Pts
South Shields 1 33 10
Dunelm 1 11 7
Gateshead A 1 -11 3
Ferryhill 0 0 0
Shildon 0 0 0
Stanley 0 0 0
Gt Aycliffe 1 -33 0

County Inter-Club League Div A & B Fixtures 2017-18

Date w/c Division A Date w/c Division B
1-Oct Durham vThe Parks1-Oct South Shields vGreat Aycliffe
Houghton GilpinvHoughton Kepier Gateshead A vDunelm
Darlington vHartlepool Ferryhill vStanley
Gateshead B vByeShildon vBye
12-Nov The ParksvHoughton Kepier 12-Nov FerryhillvShildon
Durham vHartlepool Gateshead AvSouth Shields
Houghton GilpinvGateshead B Great Aycliffe vDunelm
DarlingtonvByeStanley vBye
10-Dec Houghton KepiervHartlepool 10-Dec Ferryhill vDunelm
The ParksvGateshead B Shildon vSouth Shields
Durham vDarlingtonGreat AycliffevStanley
Houghton Gilpin vByeGateshead AvBye
7-Jan Hartlepool vGateshead B 7-Jan South Shields vStanley
Houghton Kepier vDarlingtonShildon vGreat Aycliffe
The ParksvHoughton Gilpin Gateshead A vFerryhill
Durham vByeDunelm vBye
4-Feb Gateshead B vDarlington 4-FebShildon vGateshead A
Hartlepool vHoughton GilpinDunelm vStanley
Houghton KepiervDurham Ferryhill vGreat Aycliffe
The ParksvByeSouth Shields vBye
4-Mar DarlingtonvHoughton Gilpin4-MarGreat Aycliffe vGateshead A
Gateshead BvDurham Stanley vShildon
Hartlepool vThe ParksDunelm vSouth Shields
Houghton Kepier vByeFerryhillvBye
1-Apr Houghton GilpinvDurham 1-AprDunelm vShildon
DarlingtonvThe ParksStanleyvGateshead A
Gateshead BvHoughton Kepier South Shields vFerryhill
Hartlepool vByeGreat AycliffevBye

County Inter-Club Vets League Championship Play-Offs 2017-18

 Home competitor Away competitor
Quarter Finals to be played by 26th March 2018
Semi Finals 27th March
Final 28th March
Vets League Champion 2017-18:

County Vets Inter-Club Area 1 Table 2017-18

Club P Shots Pts
Gt Aycliffe 4 65 16.5
Darlington A 4 93.5 15
Spennymoor 3 -38 5.5
Shildon 3 -24 5
Durham 4 -96.5 3

County Vets Inter-Club Area 2 Table 2017-18

Club P Shots Pts
Darlington B 5 44 18
Hartlepool A 4 70.75 18
Ferryhill 5 39.25 12
Houghton Gilpin 4 -53 6
South Shields 4 -101 1

County Vets Inter-Club Area 3 Table 2017-18

Club P Shots Pts
Stanley 4 112 18
South Shields 4 32 13
Gateshead A 4 -43.75 10
Houghton Sancroft 4 -12 8
Parks B 4 -88.25 3

County Vets Inter-Club Area 4 Table 2017-18

Club P Shots Pts
Hartlepool B 5 96.5 22
Parks A 5 62.25 16.5
Durham B 4 73 13
Gateshead B 5 -96 5.5
Houghton Kepier 5 -135.75 3

County Inter-Club Vets League Area 1 & 2 Fixtures 2017-18

Date w/c Area 1 Date w/c Area 2
11-Sep Shildon vGt Aycliffe 1-Sep Darlington BvFerryhill
Spennymoor vDurham A Hartlepol A vSouth Shields
Darlington A vBye Houghton Gilpin vBye
25-SepDarlington A vShildon 25-SepHoughton Gilpin vHartlepool A
Gt Aycliffe vSpennymoor South ShieldsvDarlington B
9-Oct Spennymoor vDarlington A 9-Oct Darlington B vHoughton Gilpin
Durham A vGt Aycliffe Ferryhill vSouth Shields
Shildon vByeHartlepool vBye
23-Oct Darlington A vDurham A 23-Oct Houghton Gilpin vFerryhill
Spennymoor vBye Darlington B vBye
6-Nov Gt Aycliffe vDarlington A 6-Nov Darlington B vHartlepool A
Spennymoor vShildon South ShieldsvHoughton Gilpin
Durham A vByeFerryhill vBye
20-Nov Shildon vDurham 20-Nov Hartlepol A vFerryhill
Gt Aycliffe vBye South ShieldsvBye
4-Dec Gt Aycliffe vShildon 4-Dec South Shields vHartlepool A
Durham A vDarlington A Ferryhill vDarlington B
Spennymoor vBye Houghton GilpinvBye
8-Jan Shildon vDarlington A 8-Jan Hartlepol A vHoughton Gilpin
Spennymoor vGt Aycliffe Darlington B vStanley A
22-Jan Darlington A vSpennymoor 22-Jan Houghton GilpinvDarlington B
Gt Aycliffe vDurham A South ShieldsvFerryhill
Shildon vBye Hartlepol A vBye
5-Feb Durham A vSpennymoor 5-Feb Ferryhill vHoughton Gilpin
Darlington A vBye Darlington B vBye
19-Feb Darlington A vGt Aycliffe 19-Feb Houghton GilpinvSouth Shields
ShildonvSpennymoor Hartlepol A vDarlington B
Durham A vBye Ferryhill vBye
26-Feb Durham A vShildon 26-Feb Ferryhill vHartlepool A
Gt Aycliffe vBye South ShieldsvBye

County Inter-Club Vets League Area 3 & 4 Fixtures 2017-18

Date w/c Area 3 Date w/c Area 4
11-SepGateshead A vParks B 11-Sep Durham BvBye
South Shields AvHoughton Sancroft Houghton Kepier vHartlepool B
Stanley vBye Parks A vGateshead B
25-Sep Parks B vSouth Shields A 25-Sep Houghton KepiervBye
Houghton Sancroft vStanley Hartlepool B vParks A
Stanley vParks B 9-Oct
Parks A vBye
South Shields AvGateshead A Gateshead B vHartlepool B
Houghton Sancroft vByeHoughton KepiervDurham B
Gateshead A vStanley 23-Oct
Durham B vParks A
Parks B vBye Gateshead B vBye
Houghton Sancroft vParks B 6-Nov
Hartlepool B vBye
Stanley vSouth Shields AGateshead B vDurham B
Gateshead A vBye Parks A vHoughton Kepier
Gateshead A vHoughton Sancroft 20-Nov
Durham B vHartlepool B
South Shields AvBye Houghton KepiervGateshead B
Parks B vGateshead A 4-Dec
Durham B vBye
Houghton Sancroft vSouth Shields AHartlepool B vHoughton Kepier
Stanley vByeGateshead B vParks A
South Shields AvParks B 8-Jan
Houghton KepiervBye
Stanley vHoughton Sancroft Parks A vHartlepool B
Parks B vStanley 22-Jan
Parks A vBye
Gateshead A vSouth Shields AHartlepool B vGateshead B
Houghton Sancroft vBye Durham B vHoughton Kepier
Stanley vGateshead A 5-Feb
Gateshead B vBye
Parks B vBye Parks A vDurham B
Parks B vHoughton Sancroft 19-Feb
Hartlepool B vBye
South Shields AvStanley Durham B vGateshead B
Gateshead A vBye Houghton KepiervParks A
26-FebHoughton Sancroft vGateshead A 26-FebHartlepool B vDurham B
South Shields AvBye Gateshead B vHoughton Kepier